Our Team Members

You are in capable hands.  We have gathered  a committed, innovative and knowledgeable team to ensure every detail of your program is executed with precision. Our sales team is motivated and engaged with their customers, vendors and industry partners, while our program operations team is professional and experienced with a strong following of loyal clients.

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Alden Bayless
Program Manager 480.609.5303
Bailey  6298 V
Bailey Knutson
Senior Account Coordinator 480-609-5336
Blake Tenney
Associate Director of Operations 480-609-5322
Brionna Friis-Pettitt
Account Coordinator 480-609-5324
Casey good 6701
Casey Hensley
Manager of Corporate Administration 480-609-5308
chris part 3 2.20.2017
Chris Shelton
Program Manager 480-609-5312
Collin good
Collin Finnegan-Ewan
Director of Operations 480-609-5321
Courtney good
Courtney Keisling
Account Executive 480-609-5314
IMG_8306 Dallas VII
Dallas Chatham
Account Executive 480-609-5313
Hillary Clements
Account Executive 480-609-5309
IMG_8147 Holly
Holly May
Associate Director of Sales 480-609-5323
IMG_8366 worked copy
Jennifer Swanson
Account Executive 480-609-5330
Jim good 6093
Jim Lammy
Owner 480.443.3505
IMG_8268 Julie III
Julie Kokkonen
Senior Account Coordinator 480-609-5331
Kristin good 6110
Kristin Tacey
Director of Sales 480-609-5307
IMG_8249 Lauren II
Lauren Featherstone
Account Executive 480-609-5327
Lyn ok IV 6444
Lyn Oun
Program Coordinator 480-609-5316
Madison Schwertley
Account Coordinator 480-609-5326
IMG_8197 Melissa II
Melissa Pavao
Program Manager 480-609-5333
Natasha good
Natasha Huber
VP of Finance 480-609-5315
Reshma good 6244
Reshma Kamra
Program Manager 480-609-5334
Sabrina Fulton
Program Manager 480-609-5337
Suzanne good 6115
Suzanne Miller
Accounting Manager 480-609-5317